Social Activities Launched / Involved
A) Divyakarunya Trust, of which he is the Founder Chairman, gives all sorts of social, educational & medical assistance to the poor and needy.

b) HRIDAYATHALAM, which is a project of this Trust, for the poor Cardiac Patients waiting for Heart Surgery for want of ample funds, was launched by him in 2010 on the occasion of his 70th birth anniversary, has already given new life to 303 heart patients, who might have otherwise lost their lives for want of money for this live saving surgery.

c) HRIDAYATHARANGAM, which is another project of the same Trust, for which he took initiative, aims at providing Cochlear Implantation to the poor deaf & dumb children. Twenty one implantations have already been done. On July 18, 2010, a group of Surgeons and audiologists performing Cochlear Implantation in Kerala joined hands with Dr. K.J. Yesudas to bring life to his project. They, in unison, pledged support for Hridayatharangam and offered to do Cochlear Implant surgery at an all-inclusive cost of approximately Rs.5,85,000 making it the lowest cost of this very exclusive procedure in the country. (The normal cost of a cochlear implantation surgery is Rs. 14,00,000/-)

Kerala Government has nominated him as the Ambassador of the State for the deaf and the dumb.

d) In accordance with the provisions for PIL (Public interest Litigation), he has filed a petition before the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam to move the Central Government to include the right for medicine as one of the fundamental rights like the right for air, right for water, right for food, right to travel, etc.

e) As the patron of the "Janapaksham Movement' , he has written an Official Memorandum, Conducted Meetings & Many more awareness Programmes with the State Government of Kerala to develop Vizhinjam International Sea Port Project , which is the best way to achieve the all-round development of the State and of the country.
Contributions To International Understanding
During his tours in Europe, America, Middle East and Far East, he highlights the need for international co-operation. Music lovers in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Bangladesh throng along with his countrymen to listen to his voice.
Contributions To Inter-religious Fellowship
He has taken the message of ‘One Religion, One Caste, One God for all Humans’ expounded by Sri. Narayana Guru, seriously to his heart. His symbolic pilgrimages to the Sree Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala and his efforts to storm through the narrow consideration at the Sree Krishna Temple at Guruvayoor are all aimed at this noble cause.

He performs classical concerts in the courtyards of mosques, temples and churches, and strives to bring people of all religions together through music.

Many of his songs have carried sublime messages of love, goodwill and brotherhood.

In 2004, after the Tsunami attack across the Indian coastal areas, he invited people of all religions and organized a YAGA in Chennai for the good cause of every one.
Contributions For The National Integration
In 1965, when China attacked India and war broke out, he sung in various centres to raise funds for the war efforts.

In 1971, when war over Bangladesh broke out, he took to the streets in an open truck and travelled the entire length and breath of Kerala, collecting funds to support the nation and to tide over the crisis. A large sum of money was thus collected and presented to Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India at a special function in New Delhi. Mrs. Indira Gandhi congratulated and thanked him for taking the message of India’s integrity and national pride to the people on the streets through the medium of singing and for bringing the sentiments of the people of Kerala to the capital in the form of their contributions towards the war-chest.

National integration through the medium of music became the hallmark of his career quite early in his life when he broke the confines of Malayalam film world to sing in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada films. Thousands of songs sung by him became instant hits breaking the barriers of regional and linguistic parochialism and creating harmony among the people.
Contributions For The Promotion Of Music
Ř Founded ‘THARANGINI’ School of Music at Thiruvananthapuram. Courses are offered in Hindustani, Carnatic and Western music – vocal and instrumental.

Ř Founded Voice Bank System, which invited the youth in the early 1990s to record their voice and send it, to be filtered and selected. This is similar to the current Reality Show Talent Hunt.

Ř Founded ‘THARANGINI STUDIO’ and THARANGINI RECORDS with Stereo Mixing and Stereo Music Facility, which is the first recording centre in Kerala State